10 YouTube makeup tutorials that are total must-sees for beauty beginners

Before the Internet existed, if you didn’t have an older relative or friend to teach you how to apply makeup you were pretty much out of luck. You had to figure out how to do it on your own–and even if you did have someone helping you along the way, chances were they weren’t exactly a makeup guru themselves. Today’s generation of young girls and women are incredibly lucky because they’re growing up with limitless resources at their fingertips when it comes to online makeup tutorials. For pretty much any beauty question you have, you can find tons of videos on YouTube that contain the answer.

The only downside is that the sheer volume of video tutorials can be overwhelming. There’s so many well-known beauty vloggers and there’s even more less well-known (but still talented and creative!) ones. Nobody has time to sort through hundreds of videos when they just need to know how to do a cat eye before going out.

That’s why we put together this guide to the best, most helpful tutorials for makeup beginners. These videos cover everything from nailing tricky eye makeup to applying face makeup that’s right for your skin type. Even if you’re not exactly a makeup newbie, you’re sure to pick up a bunch of new tricks, techniques, and product recommendations. And if you are a beginner, well, that’s about to change. Click through to check out the ten YouTube beauty tutorials that every beauty rookie needs to watch.

1. Cat-eye

“Easy Ways To Use Liquid Liner” by Michelle Phan is probably the only video that liquid liner a makeup rookie will ever need. In it, she demonstrates several different ways to draw a cat eye, along with different eyeliner recommendations and even a sneaky cat eye sticker tip. If you’ve never been able to do winged liner, this video will change your life.

2. Smoky eye

A smoky eye is a classic eye makeup look, but it can be very overwhelming if you’re new to it. If you want a simple, easy, and no-nonsense tutorial, watch Lisa Eldridge’s “Classic Smokey Eye Tutorial.” In less than ten minutes and using only a handful of products, Eldridge demonstrates a smoky eye that anyone (yes, anyone) can do.

3. Cut crease

Doing a proper cut crease can be tricky. It’s a gorgeous eyeshadow technique that really helps to add some depth to your eyes, but you need to know how to blend properly. Ellarie explains the steps slowly and clearly as she demonstrates the technique on herself in this “Matte Cut Crease Fall Makeup Tutorial”. In the end it seems easy and totally doable–plus most of the makeup she uses is very affordable.

4. Contouring and highlighting

The Kardashians made extreme contouring and highlighting popular, but unless you have a professional makeup artist on hand like they do, it can easily go very wrong. Some contouring tutorials are extremely long and involve tons of different products that you have to paint all over your face until you look like unrecognizable; not so with this “Natural Contouring And Highlighting Tutorial” by daceyhapa. She gives great advice for achieving a natural-looking contour and highlight that you can wear during the day, and she clearly explains each step as she does it.

5. Dewy makeup for dry skin

If you have dry skin (or you just prefer a dewy, luminous makeup look) then you’ll enjoy this “Everyday Glowy Summer Makeup Tutorial” by Tanya Burr. She shows you how to do a glowy, natural makeup look that would be great for everyday (and every season). She also makes some great recommendations for products that will give your skin a nice glow.

6. Matte makeup for oily skin

If you have oily skin, you’ll probably want to know how to do a matte makeup look. Rose Kimberly demonstrates several tricks and techniques for achieving a matte look that lasts all day in her video, “Flawless Foundation All Day Tutorial.” She uses a lot of affordable drugstore products and includes a powder and setting spray technique that might be a game-changer for you if you have very oily skin.

7. Bold lip

There are a lot of makeup tutorials that include a bold lip, but not quite as many that will make that the central topic of the video; instead they just swipe on some lipstick at the very end. If you really want to rock a dark lipstick but you’re not sure how or if you can do it, you should watch Anna Russett’s video “How To Pull Off Dark Lipstick.” She has a funny personality, and not only does she give tips for how to wear dark lipstick and what sort of makeup goes with it, but she also gives advice on how to feel confident wearing it.

8. False lashes

Applying false lashes is the worst until you get the hang of it. There’s actually a lot of little tips that help to make the process go a lot more smoothly, but you often need someone to explain them. Enter: “How To Apply False Lashes” by Jaclyn Hill. She has a big, upbeat personality that makes all of her videos entertaining, and she gives excellent, detailed advice that will have you applying false lashes easily in no time.

9. Blush

Blush is one of those everyday makeup products that seems easy to use in theory but can actually be very difficult to get right. In “5 Different Ways To Apply Blusher,” Wayne Goss demonstrates several blush techniques on himself. It’s really easy to watch and follow along with the way he applies the blush, and then you can choose the method that best suits your face shape and the result you want.

10. Fixing mistakes

Samantha from Batalash Beauty made an entertaining and helpful video called “How To Fix Your F@#$ Ups.” If you’ve ever messed up your eyeliner or completely overdrew your lipstick, Sam will show you how to fix it quickly and easily. You’ll be happy you watched this video the next time you mess up your makeup.

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