An ode to cult favourite beauty products: 12 timeless items that we’ll never stop buying

cult favourite beauty products
Photography by Peter Stigter

We’ll just come out and say it: it’s not exactly cool to use cult favourite beauty products. At least not right now. In the age of beauty bloggers, Instagram and Pinterest, we’re able to discover a new beauty brand to obsess over every single day. And we do, really. We love finding new Korean beauty brands to add to our 10-step skincare routine, and putting things like pig collagen on our faces. When Glossier launched, our Instagram feeds all but exploded.  New is obviously great. But is it always better?

Maybe we’re getting old, but it can often feel like there are too many new things on our bathroom counters. Another retinol? Okay. Green mascara? Sure, we suppose. Call it spring cleaning, but right now, we’ll take our mascara in a regular, non-vibrating, non-neon tube. Our skincare regimen? Doesn’t need to include animal feces at this time (thanks though!). Don’t get us wrong, we will always experiment and try new things to find the next cult faves. But sometimes, there’s nothing better than coming home to a big ol’ bottle of Bioderma at the end of a long day.

We’ve rounded up the cult favourite beauty products that are always there for us, even when we forget about them in favour of something newer, shinier and well, weirder. The mascara that will never leave us with clumps, the face wash that leaves us feeling clean but not dry, and the red lipstick that looks good on everyone—these are the products that will forever have a spot in our hearts and on our top shelves. From Dior to Bobbi Brown, thanks for having our backs (uh, faces), you guys.