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8 Easy-to-Follow Tutorials to Help You Master Beauty Basics

Your favourite beauty gurus are here to help.

Since Canadians are staying home to slow the spread of COVID-19, we’re all facing the realities of having to take our regular beauty appointments into our own hands. From at-home manicures and pedicures to hair colouring and care, we’re learning new skills.  With all of the extra free time we have on hand, now is also a great time to practice mastering classic looks and techniques that will serve you well for years to come. We scanned the internet to find virtual beauty tutorials to help you nail a smokey eye, the ever-elusive perfect beach waves and more. Here’s eight basic beauty tricks to try to master this week:

False Eyelashes

Beauty guru Huda Kattan breaks down the key steps in perfecting the application of false eyelashes. Her play-by-play includes a secondary method for beginners.

Winged Eyeliner

Makeup artist Farah Mereb breaks down the intricacies of mastering a winged eyeliner, with a cool trick.

Flat Iron Wave

That effortless-looking wave crafted by a flat iron appears to be obscure, but is actually quite simple. Tune into this tutorial by famed hairstylist Jen Atkin (who just recently taught fans how to cut their own hair via IGTV) to achieve that signature wave.

Smokey Eye

Celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic demonstrates how to achieve a full smokey eye, using Kim Kardashian West as his canvas.

Cut Crease

The cut crease eyeshadow technique uses a contrasting colour to sharply cut across the eyelid, as a way to define and emphasize the crease. The concept is straightforward. Achieving it, not so much. Mei Pang is a Toronto-based influencer and makeup artist, and will walk you through nailing this fierce look.


Contouring, albeit intimidating, is the base of all makeup masterpieces. This technique adds definition after slapping on a single tone of foundation, so learning how to master it can be transformative. Follow PatrickStarrr as he teaches the lesson you’ve been avoiding.

Laying Edges

YouTuber Sonnis Love goes into depth on how she achieves her edges, and includes which products and tools work for her.

Full Brows

From decade to decade, eyebrows see new trends — our current climate deems a full, almost messy look to be the holy grail of brows. Here, Katie Jane Hughes breaks down the secrets to transforming her over-plucked ’90s brows into a fluffy statement.

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