Bold hair, don’t care: 10 dramatic celebrity hair transformations

celebrity hair transformations
celebrity hair transformations

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If we were to name our favourite kind of celebrity news, dramatic hair transformations would be high on that list. Though it comes as no surprise to hear that some of our fave celebs are changing up their looks for film roles (it’s in the job description, you know), we’d be lying if we said celebrity hair transformations don’t faze us from time to time. So whether the A-listers are going from long to short or from blonde to red, we’re all for it.

There’s no question short hair was a clear celebrity trend last year with Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway making the change from long to short. But judging from the latest celebrity hair transformations, this trend is here to stay. While Taylor Swift went for the drastic change earlier this year, chopping off her Rapunzel-like hair and opting for a bob style instead (possibly inspired by her IRL BFF Karlie Kloss?), the most recent (and surprising!) celeb to go short is Jennifer Aniston. Known for her wavy blonde hair, she shocked fans by debuting a sleek lob in a soft brown hue.

Hair colour changes were also the popular hair transformation  of choice this year with Katy Perry and Nicole Richie in the forefront, experimenting with candy-coloured hair. But it was Kristen Stewart’s fiery orange hair, dyed for her upcoming role in the indie film American Ultra, that really got people talking. Although it seemed like she was hesitant to show the world the new look, it didn’t take long for the brooding actress to rock the grungy look on the red carpet.

From Emma Stone‘s ever-changing hair colour to Miley Cyrus‘s rebellious hair makeover, we’ve rounded up our top 10 recent celebrity hair transformations. Did we miss your top pick? Tell us in the comments below!

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