Emma Stone’s hair evolution: 15 of the star’s best looks, from red to brown to blonde and back again

Emma Stone hair
Emma Stone hair

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Frequently changing your hair colour is no easy feat, but Hollywood’s funny girl Emma Stone has it down pat. Stunning as a blonde (her natural hair colour, fyi), redhead and brunette, she does no wrong when it comes to rocking a variety of shades and styles.

Since her rise to fame, Stone’s appeared at A-lister events (hello, Oscars) and It girl parties alike–and her hair is always coordinated for the occasion. While in the early days, Emma Stone’s hair was done like every other teenage celebrity (Miley Cyrus even worked this look once upon a time), she has since embraced her status of hairstyle chameleon. It’s fair to think that Stone’s done every hair colour and style in the book—from platinum to chocolate brown, she’s been there, dyed that—but she keeps surprising us with a fresh look at every appearance. (Case in point: this month alone, she’s has already debuted eight Pinterest-worthy hairstyles for the world promo tour of The Amazing Spider-Man 2.) Although she may be known for making the Best Dressed lists, we’re fairly certain she has just as many fans who are obsessed with her always-evolving hair.

Whether Emma Stone’s hair is down loose, beachy waves for a more casual affair or up in a glamorous updo for the biggest event of the year, the actress always looks stunning. Find it hard to believe? We’ve gathered up 15 of Emma Stone’s best hair moments for your enjoyment.

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