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Shop the Beauty Products Your Fave Celebs Are Using This Summer

Shine like the stars this summer with these celebrity-approved beauty picks.

In today’s online culture, we, as beauty enthusiasts and admirers, have developed something of an obsession with peering into the lives of others via their beauty routines, makeup bags, and even purses.

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As we scroll through the TikTok app, it’s hard to resist watching the “get ready with me” and “what’s in my purse” style videos that have saturated #beautytok — because we know we’re bound to pick up a couple of beauty tips or product recommendations in the process. And, admittedly, we’re also just plain curious. Even more intriguing is getting a glimpse into what beauty products our favourite celebrities are using. I mean, who doesn’t want to replicate a red carpet-ready glow or add a new lipstick co-signed by their favourite star to their collection?

From Beyoncé‘s on-stage lashes and Hailey Bieber‘s glowy base to Halle Bailey‘s go-to lip liner, we’ve rounded up the beauty products your favourite celebrities are using this summer — so now you can use them too! And to our surprise, some of these picks are far more affordable than you’d think. So let’s get into it, shall we?



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