Get out your Vaseline: 10 celebrity beauty looks that show off how versatile glossy eyelids can be

Celebrity Beauty -- Glossy Eyelids

See the celebrity beauty looks that prove glossy eyelids are totally wearable »

Still having lots of feelings about Rihanna‘s Fourfiveseconds music video? So are we. Now that we’ve had a full 24 hours to watch it on repeat (sorry, Rihpeat), we’re ready to talk about her makeup. We’re suckers for a good slicked back hair/dewy skin/glossy eye combo, but the latter has always been pretty intimidating and hard to pull off—or so we thought.

Although glossy eyes have been runway and editorial shoot staples for some time now, it’s extremely rare to see a celebrity red carpet look that includes greasy-looking eyelids because, well, they don’t want to look greasy. This got us thinking about the celebs who manage to pull the look off beautifully, whether it’s in the form of a nude gloss on a bare eyelid, like we often see on Beyoncé or a clear gloss applied on top of a smoky eye, like on Rihanna and Solange.

We hope this gallery of celebrity beauty looks that experiment with glossy eyelids will inspire you to incorporate the trend into your own life, even if you choose to go subtle, a la Lorde and Miranda Kerr. If donning gloss on your lids doesn’t sound like your thing, you can fake the look by dusting highlighter over your lids and on your brow bone where light naturally hits, like Jennifer Lopez often does. The possibilities are endless and the world is your shiny, glossy oyster.

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