Best beauty tips: Our Beauty Panel shares the best skin and makeup advice they’ve ever received

beauty tips beauty panel
beauty tips beauty panel

When it comes to beauty, many of us form bad habits because realistically, very few of us actually know what we’re doing right from the get-go (unless you grew up with a makeup artist or skincare expert, in which case this doesn’t really apply to you). But with more and more beauty bloggers and vloggers speaking out and sharing their tips and tricks on social media platforms, beauty newbies nowadays know a thing or two about things like the right way to apply mascara or how to tame frizzy hair in the summer. Since we at FASHION have a panel of beauty gurus on hand, this week we asked our Beauty Panel members to share the best beauty advice they’re ever been given, or the beauty secret that changed their life.

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A bad skin day may a beauty fan’s worst nightmare because let’s face it, makeup (unfortunately) isn’t a magical potion that can instantly rid one of acne forever. However, our newest Beauty Panel member Sarah Muncaster of Beauty Funk shares an ingenious tip to rid stubborn pimples in emergency situations. While that may work in the short run, THISWASFOREVER’s Emily Chan is a big believer in the fact that the key to flawless skin is a healthy body. As a girl who used to battle acne for as long as she could remember, some health advice from a friend changed her skin completely. Over on the makeup front, there’s no doubt that makeup trends were present on the Spring 2014 runway, but rocking a nude lip isn’t as easy as it looks. Thanks to Shayna Wiwierski of A Pop of Colour’s foundation tip, we may be sporting the neutral-coloured lip all summer long.

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beauty tips emily

Emily Chan

Beautiful makeup first begins with flawless skin, and I am a firm believer that flawless skin starts with a healthy body. Ever since I can remember, I have been struggling with oily skin and acne. The worst part is that most of my acne appears in the form of cystic nobules. Cystic acne nodules appear as raised, red bumps that are deep beneath the skin. They are the worst kind of acne because not only are they hard to cure, but are painful to the touch. Over the years, I have tried countless topical acne treatments and even oral medication without ever having much luck.

Fortunately, a friend recommended including cod liver oil in my diet in order to help with my acne. Cod liver oil is excellent for improving skin health because it contains Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Omega 3 and K2. However, since I am not a huge fan of fish, I opt for supplements instead. These supplements can be purchased from your local drugstore and are inexpensive. Ever since I started taking these supplements 4 months ago, my skin has changed completely! I take 2 pills in the morning and I have never had clearer skin. Though I still get a pimple here and there, my skin is now totally manageable. This has been my cure for cystic acne and is, hands down, the best advice I’ve ever received.

Product used: Up & Up at Target Cod Liver Oil Supplement

beauty tips shayna

Shayna Wiwierski
Winnipeg | A Pop of Colour

Does that baby pink lipstick look so much cuter on your friend than it does on you? We’ve all been there. You are dying over a shade of gloss that your friend is wearing, but when you put it on it’s just not the same. My favourite tip for making that lipstick colour result in the same colour it comes in the tube is to layer foundation under it. This works when you want to rock a nude lip as well. This technique is similar to layering white nail polish underneath a neon colour so the shade shows up the way it does in the bottle. I especially love sporting “foundation lips” with a baby pink gloss over top, like Nars Turkish Delight for the perfect girly pout! So next time you’re applying foundation in the morning, don’t forget about the lip area!

Products used: Covergirl Tru Blend foundation in “L4,” Nyx Lip Butter in “Madeleine.”

beauty tips sarah

Sarah Muncaster
Toronto | Beauty Funk

A bad hair day is nothing compared to the lingering horror of a bad skin day. While a bad hair day can be hidden in a cute sock bun, concealer and foundation can only do so much to hide your blemish(es). Anyone with an inkling of makeup knowledge knows that the state of the canvas can make or break your makeup application. One of the best pieces of beauty advice I ever received was actually meant as a joke. As a sufferer of dry eyes, I rarely leave home without some redness reducing eye drops. One day, about 10 years ago, when I was first venturing into the world of acne (which I have yet to venture out of), I had a particularly red zit. My mom (who thought I was still too young for makeup) suggested that I ice it, and then try some redness reducing eye drops to remove the colour from it. I thought she was nuts! Sure enough, it worked like a charm. I’ve been using it in “skin-mergencies” ever since. It even helps with nasty, deep cystic spots. Simply ice for 5 minutes, wait 1-2 minutes for your skin temperature to balance out, add 1 eye drop on the blemish, wait for it to dry, conceal, and voila! No pimple.

Products used: Redness Reducing Eye drops, one ice cube.

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