Beauty moments of the week: No more braids for Jared Leto, Khloé went blonde first + more

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A lot can happen in seven days. That’s why every Friday, we’re going to take time to look at three beauty moments we had feelings about that week, and discuss them accordingly.

1. Jared Leto cut and dyed his hair and there’s nothing you can do about it
Just when you thought he was Mister Lovelylocks, Jared Leto broke the hearts of ombré aficionados everywhere and cut his (beautiful, glorious) hair. And then he dyed it blonde.

It’s true, and we can’t unsee it; after losing what we can only assume is five feet of length, the actor got friendly with the peroxide and took one step closer into the world of The Joker (his role in the upcoming Suicide Squad), which effectively established himself as the second statement blonde at Balmain this week.

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2. Shia LaBeouf has a rattail
Things are happening this week and none of us can stop them. In what we can only assume is a tribute to…making choices, Shia LaBeouf debuted a rattail that would put the entire 1980s to shame.

And that wasn’t all: on top of his rattail extension (which I’d like to believe was made from Jared Leto’s cut hair), Even Stevens also stepped out with an eyebrow ring and shaved the sides of his head. #YOLO #joedirt

But look, if that’s the vibe you’re into, Shia (because I assume that he’s reading this), go for it. Dare to dream. In 2013, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna both showed off rattails, and considering we’re championing self-expression over style/beauty dos and don’ts, we might as well celebrate that it’s a harmless way to try something new and could be far worse, even if some of us (hello) want to know why and how and what it all means.

Also, please wear it in a low bun at least once (thank you).

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3. Khloé Kardashian went blonde first
Not to get all Marcia, Marica, Marcia, but Khloé Kardashian dyed her hair blonde this week, and then somebody copied her. (I’m talking about Jared Leto.) But really, only four days ago, the youngest Kardashian was seen leaving LAX with a warmer shade (two months after stylist Tracey Cunningham took her from dark blonde to less-so).

“I’m in love with my blonde hair!!!” Khloé captioned on Instagram. “@traceycunningham1 you killed it with this colour!!!!”

And indeed she did. Which made Ms. Kardashian’s Instagram post from March 5 even better. Using #TBT to establish herself as the original blonde, Khloé gave a shout-out to everyone else who was blonde before it was cool. (Or, more specifically, before Kim did it.)

Even though, for the record, they both look major.

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