Beauty Fix: How to fill in blonde eyebrows, time-saving skincare solutions and more

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I have fair skin and light eyes, which I would love to accentuate with makeup but I find that a lot of eyeliner shades look harsh. What colour would you recommend I use?
The last thing you want is a dash of much-too-dark liner that overwhelms the face. Softer variations of brown, charcoal and blue (think: taupe, slate blue or light-grey shades) can be very appealing options for anyone with fair features. Clarins Crayon Khôl in “Taupe” ($26, is bound to become a favourite due to its soft texture and built-in blending brush—meaning you can diffuse the colour as much or as little as you like, making it flexible for day and night use. Also consider adding a bit of iridescence or shimmer: makeup with light-reflective properties is excellent at brightening up appearances.

I want to wear an orange lipstick for a holiday party, what’s a great shade for darker skin tones?
Orange is definitely a statement-making lipstick colour, so kudos to you for going for a bold look! There are many directions to go in when selecting an orange lipstick, but for darker skin tones it’s important to keep shade undertones in mind. Creamy pastel shades tend to appear ashy, so instead opt for an orange lipstick with red undertones. I recommend trying Ellis Faas Milky Lips in L204 ($42,, a gorgeous burnt-orange shade that is universally flattering but particularly stunning on darker skin tones. The formula is a liquid lipstick that also works as a stain, giving you long wear—which is ideal in a holiday party scenario!

I’m so pressed for time, but want to slow down and take care of my skin. What can I use at home to do so?
At this point in the year, we’re all overcommitted to a plethora of plans, be it holiday parties, family events, shopping for the perfect gifts or hosting guests. (Whew!) Being time-crunched doesn’t mean your skincare should fall to the wayside. There’s something to be said for the ritualistic nature of skincare and how soothing it can truly be if you slow down for a few minutes to enjoy the process. At the end of a long day, take a dollop of Eve Lom Cleanser ($55, and massage it into your skin. It will remove all traces of makeup and then continue to cleanse and exfoliate your skin. Then soak an Eve Lom Muslin Cloths ($24 for 3, in hot water and place the cloth over your face, inhaling for a few seconds. Repeat this step a few times and finally buff your face with the muslin cloth to polish your skin and rinse off the cleanser. You’ll be left with ridiculously smooth skin that will be refreshed and ready to carry on the holiday cheer.

I have very fair brows that are barely visible on their own. I’d like to add some definition to them, but most brow colours are way too dark. What’s a good brow product for light blonde brows?
Similar to the eyeliner quandary above, it takes some trial and error when finding makeup for fair features, be it eyes, brows or lips, mostly because it’s so easy to choose a colour that will overwhelm skin. Blonde brows represent a challenge—and not just because there’s so many varying degrees of blonde hair. Instead of limiting yourself to the small range of shades available in brow-specific, turn to other forms of makeup. M.A.C Eyeshadow in “Omega” ($18, is a taupe-tinged beige shade that won’t overwhelm. To keep the application from going on too strong, avoid using an angled brush and opt for something a bit fluffier—even a light dab of product via your fingertip will help ensure a softer result.

What can I use at night to diminish undereye circles and fine lines that seem to have worsened since winter began?
It’s no secret that the lack of moisture in winter air makes for uncomfortable skin, so it’s not entirely surprising that you’ve noticed a marked difference in the appearance of your undereye area. Keeping your entire face adequately hydrated is a big challenge, especially in the winter, so it’s wise to target individual problem areas. When it comes to the appearance of fine lines and undereye circles, try adding Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye ($38, to your evening skincare regimen. It’s boosted with squalane and evening primrose oil, which work to restore moisture levels and repair skin in a way that our own bodies can’t actually do for us (isn’t science neat?). The formula also contains Butchers Broom, which is a plant extract that reduces puffiness by increasing circulation. That’s a lot of quality stuff for your skin in one tube!