Photography via IMAXTREE

5 Cold-Weather Skin Saviours on Our Radar Right Now

The 5pm pitch black skies may be starting to lift while days begin to stretch out incrementally longer, but let’s be real: we’re still firmly in the thick of ever-plunging temperatures and sudden onslaughts of snow and ice. After three solid months of frigid weather and moisture-zapping dryness, our skin is feeling the brunt of winter at its most brutal, with dry patches that will not retain water, relentless redness, dull complexions, cracked lips and all the annoying stuff that comes along with it. Ever try applying  foundation over parched skin?  There isn’t enough facial oil in the world to smooth those flakes away. Unless you can afford a team to keep you with perennially dewy glass skin—or a bank account that allows you to stay in the tropics for the entire season—we need to call in some heavy duty back up. From buttery salves to replenishing masks, here are the remedies we’ll be reaching for to stay smooth, supple and sane until spring finally breaks through.