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7 Delicious White Bread Options You Can Now Indulge In

Worried about your carb options? Well, you’re in luck.

Whole-wheat bread might look and taste healthier than the white stuff, but a new study published in Cell Metabolism journal suggests that it might not be a better option for everyone.

Researchers conducted a weeklong experiment on how processed white bread and sourdough whole-grain bread affected 20 healthy patients. Half of the participants were told to eat an increased amount of white bread and the other half ate whole wheat. Then, they switched.

Blood tests were used to measure glucose, fat and cholesterol levels and kidney and liver function and kept track of any inflammation and tissue damage. The outcome was shocking.

“The initial finding, and this was very much contrary to our expectation, was that there were no clinically significant differences between the effects of these two types of bread on any of the parameters that we measured,” says Eran Segal, one of the study’s senior authors and a biologist at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel.

After looking at a number of markers, the researchers realized there was no difference in the effect of the dietary change. But when they looked closely at the glycemic responses (changes in blood glucose), they realized half of the participants had a better response to white bread and half had a better response to the whole grain.

What does this mean?

People react differently to different foods. Whole-wheat bread might not be great for everyone, just like white bread might not be the healthiest option for others. However, the researchers do suggest that the study might have gotten different results if they looked at rye, barley or oats, for example.

So if white bread can’t hurt you, why not indulge a little (or a lot)? Here are seven of the tastiest bread choices we’re definitely stocking up on today.

Wonderbread sliced bread

It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time! #PBJDay

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If you’re a health freak, you probably hardly remember the soft, melting sensation Wonderbread brought to your tongue in your childhood. Bring on the PB&J—there’s no stopping us now.


Progress in the #croissants at St John.

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I know you’ve been thinking about this French masterpiece for a while. But don’t worry, you can grab a couple (or 10) of them for brunch now. The chocolate ones are even better.

French baguette 

Speaking of French masterpieces, this one is crafted to perfection. Top it with a slice of cheese or some butter to make this a proper binge. Yum.

Brioche buns

OK, we know we’re sort of going overboard with the French delicacies, but these buns are to die for. The high egg and butter content makes you feel like you’re eating dessert with your hamburger patty. (We’re still going to have dessert after, though.)

Sourdough bread

Sure, you could #CozyUp with some of our chili in a normal bowl. But… bread bowl.

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Soup lovers, rejoice! Stop looking at the salads at Panera and grab a sourdough bread bowl with soup. Then, never look back.

Dinner rolls


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These don’t have to be reserved for just the holidays. Put a couple in your purse and have a snack for the subway ride. We don’t judge.

Texas toast

Summer staples: Cane's, Cane's, and more Cane's. ?: @brevikjeremy #raisingcanesohio #raisingcanes #sauceboss #chicken #texastoast

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Double the thickness? Double the fun. Feel free to make a ton of French toast and garlic bread because you only live once. Thank you, Texas.

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