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The Top Travel Trends for 2020: Where to Go and What to Do

Authenticity and intention are asserting an influence in 2020 travel journeys.

Travelling in 2020 looks set to be about a lot more than just a stellar ‘gram shot. Don’t get us wrong, these destinations still offer plenty of incredible photo opps, but there’s a clearer focus on intention for the year ahead, according to luxury travel company Virtuoso.

Each year, the company puts out a Luxe Report which predicts the hottest trends in travel for the year. This year, there were six trends unearthed by the brand from charting the unexpected, to hopping multiple borders in one trip and bringing your friends along for the ride. So if you’re looking for a little New Year’s travel inspo, all you’ve got to do is read on.

Untouristed and Unexpected

The excitement of discovering a new destination before anyone else you know is exciting, and also one of the top travel motivations according to the 2020 Luxe Report. Virtuoso confidants hint toward destinations that are rich in nature such as Borneo, Oman or Greenland.

Country Coupling

Regardless of the length of your journey, try perusing multiple countries during your vacay. Virtuoso advisors say that a yin-and-yang-type combination is trending and suggest to partner an upbeat city stay with a green jungle adventure.

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Tasty Travels

We all know that good food and drink is a highlight of any holiday, but 2020 looks set to take the foodies to even more delicious heights. Culinary experiences like cooking classes, private home dining and truffle hunting give food-lovers a memory that transcends a seat at the table.

Group Getaways

Travelling in 2020 should be seen as an opportunity to connect with like-minded people. According to the report, one of the key motivations for travel next year will be to “celebrate a milestone” – after all, what’s better than having your friends celebrate you in a foreign country? Take your group chat offline and you’re bound to make memories no-one will soon forget.

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EQ Encounters

Life’s most profound stories and lessons are born from travel, so why not challenge your emotional quotient with a trip that takes you outside your comfort zone? Substitute typical attractions for activities that are in line with your passions (like a yoga retreat!) and be prepared for a trip like no other.

Enjoying the Journey

It’s well-documented that millennials enjoy experiences, so in 2020 Virtuoso predicts a greater interest in travellers making use of the exclusive services that make the airport experience much simpler. Plus, less time worrying about which gate you’re at means more time for “rest and relaxation”, which is listed as one of the top five travel motives for the year ahead.

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Bon voyage!

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