Photography courtesy of Starbucks Canada

Starbucks Has a New Millennial Pink Latte, & It’s Only Available in Canada

Get your Instagrams ready!

From zombie and unicorn frappuccinos to super sweet holiday treats, Starbucks has never been one to shy away from Instagram-bait. These special occasion, limited-edition drinks photograph well for our feeds, but they aren’t necessarily something you’d swap out your morning coffee for. That changes today!

Starbucks has just introduced a new line of tea lattes that have a good shot at becoming your order staple. The best part? They’re rolling out in Canada first, before the rest of the world can get a sip of the sweet, smooth bevvies. (According to Starbucks’ press release, Canada is “a particularly progressive tea-drinking population.”)

The new handcrafted tea lattes — available in Black (tastes like Earl Grey), Rooibos (caffeine free!) and Matcha (need we say more?) — use finely ground premium tea leaves steamed with milk and sweetened with cane sugar. As someone who exclusively drinks tea and tea-based lattes, I can confirm: this product, which tea experts in Seattle have spent three-years crafting, is a game changer.

Photography courtesy of Starbucks Canada

And there’s a sprinkle to top off this great news — literally. Starbucks also debuted the Teavana TM Blossoming Rose Tea Latte, exclusively in Canada. The drink is inspired by Japanese sakura tea, and uses rhubarb bitters, rose water and strawberry jam to create a flavour profile that’s surprisingly not perfume-y. It smells as good as a Bath and Body Works candle, but it tastes like a “cashmere” or “a hug in a cup.” (Says Starbucks — and me.)

For that millennial pink pic we all want, the blossoming pairs perfectly with the natural red-hue of rooibos tea — but it can be added to the black and matcha tea lattes as well. Topped with a sprinkling of naturally flavoured rose and hibiscus crystals, the latte looks as pink, pretty and luxurious as it tastes. Now go ahead and ‘gram away!

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