SPINCO Launches Its Very Own Indoor Cycling Bike

It's the first Canadian company to take on Peloton.

Canadian cycling studio SPINCO is getting into the at-home spin market with the launch of Podium. The indoor exercise bike, available for sale as of today, is made by Echelon, a U.S.-based Peloton competitor, but the class offering, via a subscription-based service, is all SPINCO.

“The classes are going to be super similar to what you see in our studios themselves,” says SPINCO founder Michelle August. “Our goal with this platform is literally to bring the studio home to you.” Classes – available on-demand only, i.e. no live offerings – are filmed out of SPINCO’s flagship studio in Toronto. Expect similarly themed rides to the ones SPINCO offers in studio. In addition to the SPINCO classes, riders will have access to the Echelon catalogue of classes, which do include live options.

SPINCO currently has 18 locations across Canada, about 80 percent of which are currently closed to the coronavirus pandemic. Podium, however, is not a reaction to the closures, says August; discussions with Echleon began a year prior to the pandemic.

SPINCO Podium bike
SPINCO Podium (starts at $1,999), at spincopodium.com.

SPINCO is the first Canadian cycling studio to offer a product that competes with the immensely popular Peloton bike. “There’s an intangible feeling that you get when you walk through our doors or when you ride our classes. That’s probably the biggest difference between us and really any other spin brand out there,” says August about what makes SPINCO different. “We’re very community oriented and Echelon is enabling us to bring that community element into people’s homes.”

The SPINCO Podium bike features a 22-inch HD screen and 32 levels of resistance, with options to purchase different packages including a set of weights. The bikes can be purchased for $1,999, plus the cost of a monthly subscription at $52.99, and will be delivered across Canada starting in spring 2021.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each bike will be donated to one of three Canadian charities – Baycrest Foundation, Ronald McDonald House and Montreal en Action – selected by the customer at checkout.

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