11 Super Last-Minute Self-Care Gift Ideas, From Crystals to Vibrators

While it was arguably this year’s most-overused buzzword, let’s be honest: the self-care wave is here to stay, and we aren’t complaining. One of the best things about this kombucha-drinking, ASMR-listening, meditation-doing movement is that literally anybody can partake in it—you don’t need to adhere to a certain size, have a rock-hard bod or be in physically fit condition to pamper yourself, which makes it a tad bit easier to find a gift for someone at the eleventh hour.

That said, if you’re scrambling for last-minute gift ideas look no further. We’ve rounded up the best self-care and wellness-inspired gifts for anyone on your holiday list, from pastel-hued vibrators, luxe crystals, sophisticated cannabis equipment and more.

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