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MUJI Canada is Hosting a Series of Virtual Workshops This Month

Workshop topics range from matcha recipes and urban farming to calligraphy and floral arrangements.

To help keep Canadians busy and entertained during this trying time, MUJI Canada has launched a series of virtual workshops running online throughout the month of July.

Designed to help audiences learn new things in inspiring and creative ways, MUJI has partnered with Canadian experts to showcase tips and tricks on a range of hobbies from urban farming and calligraphy to matcha recipes and floral arrangements. The free workshops will be hosted over Zoom, and registration is mandatory. Read about this month’s lineup below.

Urban Farming 101 Workshop – Garden Problems

Vancouver-based organic farmer Mik Turje, of the non-profit organization Renfrew Collingwood Food Security Institute, will be instructing viewers on the basics of planting and growing a vegetable garden. This workshop will focus on weeds, pests, and diseases that may ail plants. July 4, 3 to 3.40pm EDT. Details here.

Matcha Recipes Workshop
Follow along with Pedro Villalon of Vancouver’s O5 Rare Tea and Kombucha Bar as he shares his journey with tea, and learn how to make three easy refreshing iced matcha drinks. During the workshop, viewers will learn how to whisk a bowl of matcha (usucha) at home, create an iced matcha soda/tonic, and pour a matcha Americano. July 8, 7 to 7.40pm. Details here.

Urban Farming 101 Workshop – Most Popular Vegetable Plant Families

Renfrew Collingwood Food Security Institute’s Mik Turje returns with another gardening workshop, this one on the most common vegetable plant families and how to properly grow them. Learn what each of your favourite veggies needs to grow well and how to tell the difference between the major vegetable plant families: Brassicas, Alliums, Nightshades, Umbels, Chenopods, and Curcubits. July 18, 3 to 3.40pm. Details here.

Summer Floral Arrangement Workshop

Toronto-based wedding and floral designer Sarah of @DelightFloralDesign will be showing viewers how to utilize MUJI household products as vessels for floral arrangements. Toronto residents will also have the option to order a floral arrangement kit from DeLight Floral at an extra cost. July 22, 7 to 8pm EDT. Details here.

Folded Pen Calligraphy Workshop

Toronto-based hand letterer and creator Sarah Trafford of @SarahTypes will be teaching viewers how to make and use a folded pop can pen for different forms of calligraphy. July 29th, 2020

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