Can Tuning in to Your Moon Sign Help Avoid Burnout?

Here’s a self-care tip you don’t hear every day: Listen to the moon—more specifically, your moon

You probably know your sun sign, but did you know you also have a moon sign? In astrology, the moon symbolizes the inner self: your moods, feelings and emotional security. When you know what your moon sign means, it helps you understand what you need in order to feel your best.

If moon signs are so important, why don’t we talk about them more often? Ever since horoscope columns started to appear in newspapers in the 1930s, mainstream astrology has put an emphasis on sun signs. But the sun is only one part of your horoscope. It represents your outward self: how you shine, what your ambitions are and what you are known for.

Considering that our society puts so much pressure on achievement, it’s not surprising that sun signs have influenced so much of our astrological knowledge. But just as the sun can burn, so too can the chase of status and accomplishment. When you start to tune in to your moon sign, you begin to find the antidote to burnout. You also get another layer of insight into who you are and why you feel the way you do.

If you want to learn how to reconnect with your inner self, trust your feelings and take better care over all, read on to learn what your moon sign says about you. Not sure what your moon sign is? Look it up with this moon sign calculator.

Moon in Aries

You have an independent nature and like to have time do your own thing. Neediness is not your style, and you thrive in relationships that give you room to breathe. Recharge by taking “me time” seriously: Block off time to have regularly scheduled solo dates where you get to choose your own adventure.

Moon in Taurus

Chaos is your enemy; routine is your friend. You thrive with structure and stability. Seek out relationships with people you can rely on. Unpredictable environments are not your strong suit, so build a career that provides you with the structure you seek. Recharge at home over a favourite meal.

Moon in Gemini

You don’t do boredom well, so beware of monotonous situations that leave you feeling drained. You thrive when you’re stimulated, challenged and pushed to grow. Seek out relationships with people who are great conversationalists. Recharge with podcasts, local workshops or good books.

Moon in Cancer

You feel things deeply. Learn how to set appropriate boundaries without feeling guilty about it. Relationships are important to you, and you hate to let people down, but Cancer moons don’t like to be pulled in too many directions at once. You’ll feel better if you take a time-out on a regular basis.

Moon in Leo

Invest in yourself and your ideas. You have a wealth of creative energy. It’s up to you to decide how to channel it, but do put it to use—a fiery moon like yours can get burned out if you don’t have your own thing going on. Recharge with your BFFs: You get into the groove when you’re out with others.

Moon in Virgo

You like to feel useful, helpful and productive. Intention-setting can be a valuable self-care practice to keep you aligned with your higher goals. Just be mindful about being too hard on yourself. Recharge with bullet-journaling or nature walks that can help clear your head.

Moon in Libra

You need face time with those you love. Just be realistic about how many relationships you can manage at once because you hate letting people down. You also have a strong artistic streak that can be nurtured with a little downtime. Choose quality over quantity in your social circle, and recharge by making time for something that really matters to you.

Moon in Scorpio

You’re good at picking up on other people’s energy. One-on-one intimate hangouts are more your jam than crowded places. Superficiality is not your style—whatever you commit to is often long-term because you don’t do anything halfway. You like to save your energy for the things that matter and feel drained by insincerity. Recharge with meditation, journaling or a night in.

Moon in Sagittarius

Freedom is everything to you. You don’t like to be confined to one place or one routine for too long, so be sure to leave time open in your schedule for spontaneity and adventure. Travel and experiences have more meaning for you than material things, and you might value a career with a flexible work schedule rather than a heavily structured environment. Recharge by getting offline and outdoors.

Moon in Capricorn

You need to feel accomplished and connected to your ambitions. Goal-setting can provide a way for you to feel on track and in control of your destiny. Relax with Netflix? Not so much. Your idea of a day off might be tackling a big project or organizing your to-do list instead. Self-care for you means staying on top of things and avoiding procrastination.

Moon in Aquarius

You are here to break the mould, not fit into it. Conformity leads to burnout for you, so seek career paths that encourage new perspectives. Aquarius is the rebel of the zodiac, and you are happiest when you can express your creative, innovative ideas and push the boundaries of convention. Recharge by making time for creative projects.

Moon in Pisces

You are a spiritual soul who feels all the feelings. Your moon sign is highly sensitive—the smallest thing can throw you off. Make your home your sanctuary, avoid dramatic friendships and respect your own emotional limits. Most of all, trust your gut. Recharge with tarot cards, reiki healing or other intuitive practices to get back to yourself at the end of the day.