5 Summer-Induced Vagina Problems and How to Fix Them

Trendy patios, chic pool parties, chill cottage weekends, gruelling hikes and flowing dresses—so much of summer living is full of fun, relaxing and romantic vibes. But the heat doesn’t come without complications, especially for us ladies. Behind the good times are some pretty annoying issues where our lady parts our concerned. The sweating. The rubbing. The burning. The struggle is real, but so are the solutions. Read on to find out everything you need to know about feminine care during the summer months.

The problem: Sweat marks where the sun don’t shine
When it comes to sweaty summer problems, my armpits are usually the last things on my mind. It’s the perspiration below the belt that can be uncomfortable, embarrassing and problematic. Research shows that nearly 80 per cent of women have actually stopped their workout because of an underwear-related issue like excess moisture. Canadian company Knix Wear has all of the lady-bit problems covered. Its knickers are made with high-performance moisture-wicking fabric that dries up to three times faster than regular cotton. They also feature advanced anti-microbial technology that prevents feminine odours and the growth of bacteria (eliminating the potential for yeast infections). For extra dryness protection, there’s also a Leak Proof option, which includes a built-in panty liner just in case.

The problem: Clothes that won’t deodorize
Ever go to collect your fave bathing-suit bottoms from the drying rack and think, “These still effing stink!”? It happens all the time in my world, and not just when it comes to beachwear; I also struggle with some of my gym clothes and admittedly a few of my favourite tees—especially during the sweaty season. I know I’m not alone. To really freshen up my clothes I use Tide + Downy Odour Defense Collection, which is specifically designed to get that intense summer stank out of our clothing. The three-step process (which really only takes three seconds) involves Tide Pods Plus Febreze Odor Defense, which gives a general clean, removing residue and surface stains. Next, Tide Odour Rescue gets deep down into the roots and breaks up the layers of body soil and dinge that are what lead to long-lasting odours over time. Finally the Downy Fresh Protect Odour provides an active shield and neutralizes even the worst of odours (like my hot yoga towel). All three steps combined make sure that the smell leaves and doesn’t come back.

The problem: Post-gym sweaty mess
In the summer, I try to pack as much as possible into my day and sometimes that means hitting a patio with my GFs instead of jumping in the shower at the gym (priorities, people). My BFF in these situations is Natracare’s Organic Intimate Wipes. I’m super sensitive down there and I find these to be both effective at getting me clean while staying gentle on my skin. Also they’re free from all those toxic chemicals that, frankly, we should all keep far from our nether regions.

The problem: In-growns and Razor burn
In the summer, smooth bikini lines are of the essence, but choosing the best method to get there is important. Shaving is the easiest and most cost-efficient method to keep things under control down there, but for some it comes at a price of in-grown hairs and unsightly razor burn. Toronto-based dermatologist Dr. Renita Ahluwalia says that happens because we’re not doing shaving right—who knew? “If you choose to shave, do it in the shower. Start by gently exfoliating the area and use a shave gel. Do not apply much pressure with the blade and do not pull the skin taught. Shave with the grain of the hair.” She also explains that five-blade razors are best and should only be used when they’re new and sharp. If laser hair removal is more your speed, Renita also explains that it’s important to stay out of the sun beforehand. “It is recommended that you do not have sun exposure for at least 48 hours prior to your procedure. The sun causes damage to the skin that can make it more sensitive to the treatment.”

The problem: Chafing
Real talk: Whenever I commit to wearing a skirt I mentally prepare myself for the inevitable pain of my inner thighs rubbing together. Sure, there are fancy balms and rubs on the market to help prevent this issue, but, according to Ahluwalia, look no further than your kitchen cupboards. “For people looking for more natural options, mixing cornstarch to absorb moisture and coconut oil to lubricate can be an effective strategy.” She also recommends keeping the area as dry as possible. “When exercising, avoid heavy cottons and wear proper fitting synthetic fibres that take moisture away from the body.” Nike has a great pair of shorts that are moisture-wicking and these Saucony shorts use a PowerLuxe fabric that is seamless, dry and cool. Wear these to keep things dry during workouts and also under skirts and dresses to keep thighs apart. #NoThighGapGoals

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