A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Spin Classes in Toronto

While we can wax poetic about the Peloton bike and its myriad advantages (working out from home, saving money in the long-run, etc.), some folks—namely, me—simply strive and perform their best in a group environment. There’s also the fact that Toronto boasts a number of top-notch indoor cycling studios worth checking out. We’ve trolled the city and tested out some of the most popular spin classes to help you narrow down your options. Here, our take on the best indoor cycling studios in Toronto.



The world’s most famous purveyor of indoor cycling landed in Toronto via King St. in March 2017, with its Yorkville outpost opening a few months after. Known for its sunshine yellow branding, IG-famous instructors (shouts to Akin Akman) and celeb clientele, SoulCycle is a must if you’ve never dabbled in the whole dancing-on-a-bike workout. Classes run 45-minutes and incorporate a weights portion as well as upper-body choreography, which includes moves like push-ups (where you literally do a push-up on your handlebars) and tap-backs (tapping your butt back on the seat). But of course, if you can’t keep up with the moves then you can totally go at your own pace.

You’ll like it here if: You’ve never been to a dance-based spin class. There are also many Insta-bait spots in the studio that make for quality content.
Number of locations: 2 (King, 453 King St. West; Yorkville, 55 Avenue Rd.)
Number of bikes in a class: 55 at King; 59 at Yorkville
Available on ClassPass? No
Single-class price: $30 (plus $2 for shoe rental)
Bathroom amenities: Le Labo shampoo, conditioner and body wash.
Ride with: Jenna and Ty. Jenna quite frankly kicked my ass when I rode with her one Friday afternoon after a long, sleep-deprived work week. As for Ty, well, one time we took his class he played O-Town; another time Amerie. He’s even hosted a High School Musical-themed ride, so… yeah.

photography via instagram/@quadspin


Billed as Toronto’s original indoor cycling studio, Quad—which opened its doors in 2002—is an excellent choice for first timers looking for a no frills spinning experience. There are no weights or dance routines involved (classes focus solely on the ride) but that doesn’t make it any easier. The 45-minute sessions incorporate plenty of slow and controlled climbs with your resistance turned up, and also includes hovering and isolating on your bike. Instead of push-ups and tap-backs, Quad’s signature move is the “jump,” which is basically alternating between sitting in and hopping off of the saddle. You also need not worry about renting cycling shoes (although you can if you want to!): The studio’s bikes have toe cages so you can wear your own sneakers.

You’ll like it here if: You’re an indoor cycling virgin looking for a no frills introduction to spinning. Quad is also great if you’re in search of a class without the weights and appreciate a good warm-up: there’s a designated stretching area near the change rooms that you can use before and after class.
Number of locations: 1 (580 King St. West)
Number of bikes in a class: 54
Available on ClassPass? Yes
Single-class price: $22 (plus $3 if you’re interested in renting cycling shoes, although not required)
Bathroom amenities: Showers stocked with your everyday drugstore brands of shampoo and conditioner, hair ties, hair dryers and curling irons. Note, if you’re planning on showering you’ll need to bring your own towel.
Ride with: Micheline and Evan. Owner Micheline Wedderburn dances and sings during her classes, and by Evan, we mean designer Evan Biddell, who you can catch at an evening class.


Ride Cycle Club

When I told a colleague I was hitting up Ride Cycle Club, the clout-carrying studio founded by Ashley Ander and JJ Wilson (son of Lululemon’s Chip Wilson), she likened her experience to that of a “nightclub,” as in everyone was well-dressed and the music was LOUD. So in that sense, yes, totally reminiscent of a nightclub, albeit one that accepts well-loved Outdoor Voices totes and worn-in Bianca Chandon hoodies. However, a more fitting descriptor would be “speakeasy:” Getting to Ride, which is housed in an old garage, requires you to walk down a small path off of a side road that’s off of the Ossington strip. However, don’t let these factors intimidate you: The studio’s website features profiles on each of its instructors, rating them in terms of intensity and difficulty, so you can choose a teacher that’s best suited to your fitness level.

You’ll like it here if: You love hip-hop, loud music and want to cop some very cute merch.
Number of locations: 1 (2 Humbert St.)
Number of bikes in a class: 56
Available on ClassPass? No
Single-class price: $26 (shoe rental included)
Bathroom amenities: Aesop shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion, and AG Hair styling products.
Ride with: Matt. One of Ride’s most-popular instructors, Matt plays hip-hop, rap and EDM. Good luck getting into his Sunday Hip-Hop Service class—it fills up quick, so book early.


6ix Cycle

If you’re a regular visitor to the various spin studios in Toronto then you’ll definitely notice a trend in decor: White walls, concrete accents, Le Labo anything, etc. 6ix Cycle, however, flouts said convention. This West Queen West space features neon signage, tagged lockers and subway-tiled walls—I mean, it is called 6ix Cycle after all. Signing up for a class requires online booking, but bike selection happens as soon as you enter the studio the day of, on a first-come-first-serve. Classes run 50-minutes long and include choreo in and out of the saddle, with a 5-minute weights portion.

You’ll like it here if: You’re looking for more of a community feel; 6ix Cycle prides itself on bringing riders together after class. That means indulging in donuts and coffee with your peers after instructor Adam Deunk’s “Deunkin Donuts” class on Fridays.
Number of locations: 1 (1163 Queen St. West)
Number of bikes in a class: 50
Available on ClassPass? Yes
Single-class price: $25 (shoe rental included)
Bathroom amenities: Shampoo, conditioner and body wash in the showers. Bright green (the studio’s signature colour) hair ties, Drybar dry shampoo and Cake Beauty hair products.
Ride with: Leah. Her classes incorporate lots of sprints and intense climbs to varied playlists featuring Cardi B, Nelly and even—wait for it—Nickelback. Hot tip: She hardly ever gets off her bike and doesn’t stop for breaks in between songs, so you can’t slack off.



To date, Spinco—founded by Michelle August in 2014 when she was just 22 years old—boasts 10 locations across the country, three of which are located in Toronto, making it the largest spin establishment in Canada. The Kelowna-born company’s 50-minute classes feature basic choreography (dips, pumps, tap-backs) to the beat of the music that your instructor will go over at the beginning of class, plus one track dedicated to weights and post-ride cool down. While the studio welcomes riders of all fitness levels, prepare to get your ass kicked: The climbs in some of the classes are to be taken seriously. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

You’ll like it here if: You’ve tried every spin class in the city and are in pursuit of a more challenging ride.
Number of locations: 3 (Downtown, 129 Spadina Ave.; Summerhill, 1220 Yonge St.; Uptown, 2577 Yonge St.)
Number of bikes in a class: 42 at Downtown; 43 at Summerhill; 46 at Uptown
Available on ClassPass? Yes
Single-class price: $25 (shoe rental included)
Bathroom amenities: Kiehl’s shampoo, conditioner and body wash, hair dryers, hair ties.
Ride with: Justin. This Trinidad expat’s infectious energy makes hauling your ass to his 6 and 7 a.m. weekday rides TOTALLY. WORTH. IT. Yes, I can’t believe I’m even typing that out, but trust me, by the end of class you’ll be BFFs with your resistance knob and feeling like a GOD. Expect long, gruelling 5+ minute climbs to Sweetener-era Ariana Grande, Ciara and Lady Gaga, with an occasional soca jam thrown into the mix.



Of all of the studios in Toronto, Spokehaüs is the only one to offer a class that takes place in a heated room. Its 45-minute Hotbox class is a must-try; the room is heated to 28-degrees celsius, which is said to help detoxify the body and increase calorie burn and athletic performance. If you’re not into the idea of sweating profusely in a heated, intimate room, no worries: Spokehaüs, which has been around since February 2016, offers standard 45-minute classes filled with sprints, climbs, isolation and lots of engaging choreography.

You’ll like it here if: You want to feel like you’re really being taken care of. After class, riders are given a eucalyptus-infused cold towel (“It’s been something we’ve done since day one,” says owner Christine Londoño), while on weekends you can put in a smoothie order (there’s a Hopscotch next door) and it’ll be waiting for you at the front desk after class.
Number of locations: 1 (70 Dan Leckie Way)
Number of bikes in a class: 40
Available on ClassPass? Yes
Single-class price: $25 (shoe rental included)
Bathroom amenities: Malin + Goetz shampoo, conditioner and body wash, plus hair dryers, flat irons, curling irons, razors and perfume.
Ride with: Riley. If you like house music you’ll love Riley. She’ll start off with a long warm-up and chest presses, then move into the climbs and sprints. As for the dancing? Well, she’ll introduce that in after her taxing weights track, which makes it all the more challenging.

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