Forget the baguettes, it’s all about doing yoga at the Eiffel Tower

lole white tour

Paris kicked off the first leg of Lolë‘s international White Tour late last month with over 1,500 yogis bowing and twisting in unison at the base of the Eiffel Tower. Somewhat similar in spirit to the popular sessions of Dîner en blanc, where handsome masses dressed all in white gather for supper, this event swapped baguettes, cheese and grapes for sun salutations, warrior poses and downward dogs—all at 6 a.m.

At the onset of summer solstice, the group of early risers mimicked the moves of instructors Elena Brower and Marie-Françoise Mariette who coached from a round central platform, from which the brand’s signature yellow yoga mats stretched out like the rays of the sun. Vibrating with synchronized “oms” and sweating through chaturangas, the French capital literally buzzed in a swarm of peace and love while pluckings from M’Michèle’s electric harp fluttered overhead.

Inspired by a mission of community, well-being, active lifestyle and sharing (Lolë’s core values), Bernard Miette, CEO of the Montreal-based company, stated: “Practicing yoga surrounded by…hundreds of like-minded people allows for profound exploration and reflection, and a shared sense of collective energy. It is truly a unique experience for body and soul.”

The Lolë White Tour will make a leap over the pond hitting Canada this month and taking over Place Jacques Cartier in Montreal (Aug. 8) and at Fort York in Toronto (Aug. 22). U.S. dates include New York’s Central Park and L.A.’s Santa Monica Pier in the fall. Then in 2016 the event goes to Asia, unfolding amidst the serene beauty of Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

On the Friday before the big do, Lolë’s designer Andy Thê-Anh was on hand to talk fashion and tech for the activewear label’s newest yoga line. The fashion strong collection included all the seamless designs and moisture-wicking fabrics a stylish yogini could wish for – in shades of grey, black, yellow and, of course, white.

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