healthy toast recipe
Photography via Pinterest

12 Healthy (and Super Easy) Toast Recipes to Try

The humblest of all the breakfast foods has come a long way from its butter-soaked days. Popping up on hot restaurant menus and Saturday morning breakfast-in-bed-trays, it just needed a little TLC in the form of avocado, fresh fruit, nut butters or a sprinkle of chopped herbs. A million drool-inducing Pinterest posts didn’t hurt, either.

Now that it has finally shed its boring reputation (and it’s OK to eat carbs again), upgrade the grocery list staple with your own healthy mix. It couldn’t be easier—promise. Make an open-faced sandwich with a delicious spread, in-season fruit or veggies, and a tasty topping like seeds, honey or crumbled cheese. Sliced avocado is a simple standby, but try heirloom tomatoes piled high, curls of smoked salmon or fluffy scrambled eggs. Light but filling, it’s the kind of food you can make into an entire meal or serve as minis for appetizers.

We’ve rounded up 12 of our favourite healthy, mouth-watering combos. See the recipes in the links for full deets.