People who work out have better sex, stronger orgasms


Imagine a magic sex pill that not only makes you feel frisky but encourages you to keep the lights on. A pill that reduces your inhibitions, makes you want to get on top, helps you bend into Kama Sutra positions and even increases the intensity of your orgasms.

Assuming you’re still reading and not googling “magic sex pill,” I have good news for you: There is a magical bedroom remedy that is already accessible to us. The answer to a great sex life comes via a pair of running shoes and a gym membership. Here are all the reasons why fit women have a better time in bed (and on the kitchen counter, in the shower, in the backseat of the car….).

No stress zone
It’s no surprise that the number one lady boner killer is stress. Early morning meetings, dry cleaning pickup, dinner party prep, not to mention the bills bills bills—all these outstanding items crowd our minds at night, leaving very little room for sexy time. And even when we do decide to get down, we’re thinking more about roast chicken recipes than about how good it feels.

According to sexologist and Astroglide relationship expert Dr. Jess O’Reilly, the stress factor isn’t just mental, it’s chemical. “The complex process of chemical reactions in the body that precipitates orgasm can be hindered by the stress hormone, cortisol, so reducing stress can be more important than communication and intimacy to a satisfying sex life.” Regular sweat sessions calm the mind and reduce our cortisol levels, helping us feel relaxed and ready for regular rumbles in the sack. Good news: You don’t have to work out every day to see a difference. “80% of men and 60% of women who exercise two to three times per week feel sexier than those who are inactive,” says Dr. Jess. “And those who get their sweat on four to five times per week rate their sex lives as higher than average.”

Happy wife, horny life
Ever tried to get it on when you’re in a bad mood? Didn’t think so. Having a chip on your shoulder almost always results in giving the cold shoulder. Those who work out on the reg are well aware of the mood-boosting benefits of being active. (When was the last time you regretted a workout?!) But you don’t have to hit the gym right before hitting the sack to reap the rewards; studies show that working out regularly also affects our mood long-term, making us happier overall. More happiness means means more hot action between the sheets.

Confidence code
Studies show that half of women abstain from sex because of a negative body image. HALF! Yes, it’s a sad reality that many of us feel so uncomfortable in our own skin that we avoid intimacy altogether. A regular fitness routine is a major contributor to feeling good about ourselves, which, in turn, leads to enjoyable, indulgent and uninhibited intimacy. Dr. Jess explains, “Fitness is strongly tied to body image and confidence in the bedroom. It breeds creativity and helps us to overcome inhibitions. When you’re confident, it’s easier to be present and let your body and mind indulge in sex.” Regular sweat sessions can improve our confidence, regardless of whether we see changes in our weight, adds O’Reilly. So hit the gym, lose the scale and worry less about how you look and more about getting that second orgasm.

Go with the flow
Aside from the mental and emotional pieces of the orgasmic puzzle, the link between exercise and sexual arousal is also physical. That’s right, activity promotes increased blood flow all over the body (including our nether regions). Since orgasms occur via increased circulation to the lady bits, when we work out and get the blood moving, we are actually priming ourselves to have easier, more intense climaxes, as well as boosted lubrication and genital sensitivity. So schedule those sweat sessions before a big date, and enjoy. (Bonus points if you get your sweat on with your significant other!)

Sexy strength
So you want to get adventurous in the bedroom and start trying some new techniques to make sex last longer and feel better. Awesome! Often this means needing the strength to hold tricky positions and the cardio to keep the body moving. Experts recommend regular cardio as well as strength training sessions to improve the groove in bed. Here are some specific moves that will be of service: Holding the bridge pose helps improve the glute strength required to lift the pelvis when you’re on the bottom. Squats will encourage easier movement while getting the grind on on top, and doing planks from the hands will help increase the stamina when you need to keep yourself propped up.

Bendy babe
You’ve likely heard the cliché about the irresistible woman who can put her legs behind her head. According to Dr. Jess, while flexibility is not a bedroom deal breaker, it can help improve our sexual experiences. “Flexibility certainly allows you to shift into a wider variety of positions, and improved range of motion can ease your comfort with a range of movements,” she says. Regular flexibility sessions like barre, yoga and Pilates will help you say see ya to missionary and hello to mixing it up.

Kegel control
We’ve all heard about Kegel exercises at some point in our lives. Doing this helps strengthen our pelvic muscles and allows us to “tighten up” during sex. The fact is, those who hit the weight room regularly likely engage in many of these exercises all of the time, without even knowing it. How many times have you heard “engage the core?” Too many times to count, right? When we engage the core, we bear down and contract everything from the top of the abdominal muscles to, yes, the pelvic floor. Therefore, those of us who perform exercises that involve continually contracting the core (like abs, weights, Pilates, yoga) likely have better control of our sex muscles, allowing us to tighten up anytime, anywhere! #bless

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