Photography via instagram/@lovewellness

These Cool Brands Are Taking the Ick-Factor Out of Sex-Care Products

I remember 7th grade health class, the sound of boys giggling in the background, while a million questions filled my head… all of which I was way too terrified to ask out loud. You’ve probably had a similar experience, too. However, gone are the days of hiding tampons up your sleeves or experiencing that horrible mix of dread and shame while cashing out a bottle of lube at your local pharmacy.

It’s 2019, and is it EVER a time to be alive. Last year, the Global Wellness Summit dubbed “feminist wellness” one the biggest trends of 2018, and the rise in cool new sex-care brands aimed towards women (and run by women!) proves it.

Here, we’ve rounded up 10 sex-care brands—all of which ship to Canada—that are taking the ick-factor out of sexual health products.