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Here’s How Brie Larson Got Fit for Captain Marvel

"I trained for 9 months and then was able to do crazy things."

While she may be in her suit for the majority of Captain Marvel, there are moments during the highly-anticipated flick in which you can really see how far Brie Larson has come in her months-long fitness journey to becoming superhero fit. You see it in her arms, her shoulders, her legs and even in the way she carries herself.

The name behind her badass transformation? Jason Walsh, an L.A.-based celeb trainer (and also the founder of A-lister-endorsed Rise Nation) who has coached the likes of Emily Blunt, Mandy Moore and Emma Stone.

Larson, who plays Carol Danvers, a former U.S. Army fighter pilot-turned-superhero, underwent a rigorous 9-month-long training schedule created by Walsh, which focused on circuit and weight training to achieve a lean, but incredibly strong physique.

In an interview with Ellen Degeneres, the Academy Award-winning actress said that by the end of the process she was able to do “crazy things,” like deadlift 225 pounds. “I was super not athletic [before training],” she said. “I was like a ‘can-you-open-this-water-for-me-type of person,’ and then a year ago I just got really beefy.”

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Larson hit the gym 4.5 hours a day with a repertoire that included 400 pound hip thrusters, push-ups with weighted chains, consecutive pull-ups and 80pound split squats.

But the apex of her prep came when she pushed a 5,000 pound Jeep up a hill. (It was a goal she set out to crush, since Captain Marvel can “move planets.”)

“I was just like, ‘I want to be able to push your car. If I could just push your Jeep then I’d feel I was ready.’ And it happened! There was a day I did.” she told Degeneres. “It [had] a full tank of gas in it for the record, and a person!”