9 Hand Soaps that Will Elevate Your Germ-Killing Game

In an ideal world, Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash would be in every public washroom. Commonly found in the coolest restaurants and hotels, lathering up with it in the loo just somehow elevates the whole experience. It also indicates that the management cares enough to not provide that horrible neon pink goo that strips the life from your hands.

And you should care about the state of your hands. Washing them is still the best way to avoid the spread of cold and flu germs, and does a better job than those antibacterial gels. And though dryers seem less wasteful, drying with paper towels is also more effective than hand-dryers at keeping you clean (sorry, Dyson). But is your technique on point? You’re supposed to remove all your hand and arm jewellery (does anyone?) and wash for a full 20 seconds, ensuring that you get the back of your hands, as well as the palms, in between your fingers and under your nails. And if you’re really on it, use a paper towel to shut off the tap and to open the door upon exit.

Here are our top picks for hand soaps that enhance the mundane process so much that remaining bacteria-free is just a bonus.

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