halloween costume ideas
Photograph by Netflix

The Top Halloween Costumes for 2019, According to Pinterest

This is what we'll be wearing this year

2019 is disappearing at a somewhat alarming rate but the good news is that Halloween will be upon us very soon. And if you’re looking for inspiration for this year, Pinterest has surveyed its data from July 2018 and July 2019 and compiled a list of the top searches for women’s Halloween costumes. Here’s what’s trending for Halloween 2019:

1. The Powerpuff Girls

Yep, the late 90s, early 2000s cartoon trio is having a resurgence (searches are up 379%) – now you just have to decide if you want to be Bubbles, Blossom or Buttercup.


halloween costume ideas
Photograph by The Cartoon Network

2. Pirate

Sometimes the classics are the best.

3. Circus

A Britney Spears-esque ringmaster costume is never a bad idea. For a more current spin, think Zendaya in The Greatest Showman. *Zac Efron not included.

4. Stranger Things

No surprises here that everyone’s favourite moody teen with superpowers, Eleven, is on the list. This time around, however, the look is less nose bleed, and more 80s. Robin’s Scoops Ahoy ensemble is also a favourite for this year.

halloween costume ideas
Photograph by Netflix

5. Alien

It wouldn’t be Halloween without an alien, or 10, would it? This is also the most popular costume for singles for 2019, too.

6. Mermaid

Our love of all things Ariel is undying, clearly.

halloween costume ideas
Photograph by Disney

7. Harley Quinn

Margot Robbie’s bad-girl character is a solid choice for this year’s festivities, and relatively easy to pull together, too.

halloween costume ideas
Photograph by WarnerBros.

8. 80s costumes

We can probably thank Stranger Things for this one.

9. Poison Ivy

Seems like a lot of us have a hankering to don a full body green catsuit this year.

halloween costume ideas
Photograph by Warner Bros.

10. Alice in Wonderland

Another classic.

halloween costume ideas
Photograph by Disney

Inspired by Hollywood films such as Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) and Rocketman (2019) some of this year’s most popular male costumes include Elton John and Freddie Mercury. And, as one of 2019 most awaited films, The Lion King is inspiring couple/family costumes.

On the beauty side of things, searches for Stranger Things-inspired makeup are up by 1569%, followed by The Lion King (+954%), Powerpuff Girls (+317%), Spider-Man (+280%) and Jasmine (+106%). Also, we’re down to dress as a clown so long as we can look cute apparently, with searches for cute clown makeup and pretty clown makeup up 370% and 280% respectively.

And if you’re planning on hosting a party, forgo the classic orange and black colour scheme in favour of a more 2019-appropriate setup featuring pink (searches for pink halloween are up 221%) or pastels (+164%).

Happy haunting!

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