These Canadian Gyms Are Offering Online Workouts

You can still get that sweat in while social distancing *and* supporting local

These past few months have been tough on everyone, including small business owners in the fitness and wellness sector. Across the country, fitness studios are being required to shut down in an effort to stop the spread of Covid-19, yet owners are still expected to pay rent.

As a result, many studios and fitness facilities are now offering livestream or on-demand workouts at a fee (naturally!), which you should 100% support if you have the means to. Not only will you be getting in a great workout but you’ll also be helping these businesses stay in, well, business. 

 Here are some of the Canadian gyms and fitness trainers across Canada that are offering livestream and on-demand classes. 


If you’re new to moving your body and have no clue where to start, check out Goodbodyfeel. Owner Robin Lacambra opened her pilates/yoga/mindfulness/dance studio with accessibility, diversity and inclusion at the forefront. Livestream classes are offered at a sliding scale rate and there’s absolutely no pressure to keep your camera turned on during class, meaning you can exercise at your own pace and in a way that works for your body without feeling self-conscious (which is ultimately what we all want in a fitness class). 

Where to watch:

Price: From $9 for livestream classes (1-week free trial); $40/month for on-demand classes

Duration: Between 45 minutes to 1 hour

Equipment needed: None

Common Ground 416


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Common Ground 416 has been hosting outdoor distanced classes, but if you’d rather follow along from home you have two options: live streaming and on-demand. Expect tons of cardio-style exercises and body-weight moves that’ll fire your core, abs and obliques—after all, they are owner Soeaprin Yos’s bread and butter. 

Where to watch:

Price: $10/drop-in (first class free), $42.50/5 pack, $75/10 pack, $20 one week unlimited for livestream classes; $20USD/month for on-demand classes (7-day free trial)

Duration: 1 hour

Equipment needed: None

Barre Body Studio


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Just because you don’t have a ballet bar at home doesn’t mean you can’t partake in a barre workout. Countertops, chairs and walls will do just fine! Calgary’s Barre Body Studio is offering both digital livestream and on-demand classes for those looking for that satisfying post-workout burn. Classes range from sweaty (HIIT/barre fusion) to totally chill (recovery/stretching). 

Where to watch:

Price: $10 per class/$75 monthly for livestream classes; $29.99/month for on-demand classes (14-day free trial)

Duration: 50 minutes to 1 hour

Equipment needed: Some classes call for no props, while others require a light set of weights (think 5 lbs and under), gliders, pilates balls or resistance bands

6IX Cycle


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Not sure you’re ready to head back into the studio? No problem. 6ix Cycle is offering not only their classic spin classes on-demand, but HIIT (think shadowboxing), lifting and yoga sessions as well. If you already have a spin bike at home but have never been to an indoor cycling class, there’s no better time than now. Cycle classes range from beginner-friendly to the I’m-gonna-feel-this-tomorrow type difficult, meaning there is a class for everyone!

Where to watch:

Price: $19.99/month (7-day free trial)

Duration: 1 hour

Equipment needed: A spin bike if you’re tuning in to the cycle classes, a set of light weights and a resistance band for HIIT sessions and a set of heavier weights for the lifting classes

Formation Studio


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If your cardio of choice entails practicing TikTok dances in your room then Formation Studio has got you. On-demand dance-based classes clock in at 30 minutes long and there are three different types of sessions to choose from, whether you’re looking to learn and follow along with a choreographed routine or you’re hoping to simply let loose and freestyle. 

Where to watch:

Price: $31.50/month, $264.60/year (including a 2-week free trial)

Duration: 30 minutes

Equipment needed: Light weights and resistance bands are optional for the strength-based classes, but if you’re looking to follow along with the playlists then you’ll need an Apple Music or Spotify account

Barry’s at Home with Kevin Yeboah and Hayley Steinberg 


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Ever wonder what really goes on at Barry’s Bootcamp? Now you can get a taste of “the best workout in the world” from the comfort of your own home. Your fave Toronto instructors (hi, Kevin and Hayley!) are back, and teaching classes on the regular schedule (each day of the week is dedicated to focusing on specific muscle groups and body parts). If you’re looking for an authentic Red Room experience, you can cop a red LED lightbulb from the Barry’s online store (no lie). 

Where to watch:

Price: $22 per class (first timers intro special is $22/2 classes), $90/5 classes, $170/10 classes, $320/20 classes

Duration: 30 minutes to 1 hour

Equipment needed: A set of heavy weights and resistance bands. Treadmills are only required for classes that call for it, but for the most part, sessions are all floor-based.

Fit Factory Fitness


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This top Toronto gym has pivoted to offer online, on-demand workouts that are sure to break you out in a major sweat. Choose from HIIT (think boxing, booty and abs), mobility sessions and weight training, all with your fave Fit Factory trainers. 

Where to watch:

Price: $99/month (7-day free trial), $69/month (12 months), $20 per class. 

Duration: 45 minutes to 1 hour

Equipment needed: A set of heavy weights for the strength classes and resistance bands. 

Fit Squad


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In addition to virtual personal training sessions, Fit Squad is also offering live online classes hosted everyday on Zoom. There are four classes to choose from, but we highly suggest Nike Master Trainer Jennifer Lau’s Fenom class—an all women’s strength training program that focuses on lifting technique and features loads of squats, hinges and press and pulls. 

Where to watch:

Price: $75/week for the Persist Membership, which includes an equipment stack and five classes a week.

Duration: 1 hour

Equipment needed: Yes, but the Fit Squad team has you covered. Included in the Persist membership is an equipment stack.



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Rowing machines are low-impact but work your muscles to the max, and if you’re lucky enough to already have one (or want to rent one!) then check out Scullhouse’s online classes. Owner Kristin Jeffrey, a former rower on the Canadian National Team, hosts daily Zoom classes featuring different types of rowing (strength, cardio and restorative). Mat-only HIIT classes are also available if you don’t have a rowing machine. 

Where to watch:

Price: 2 weeks unlimited for $50, $250/month for online subscription and rower rental, $15/per for mat-only classes

Duration: 1 hour

Equipment needed: A rowing machine, which you can rent from the studio

Drop Boxing

Sometimes all you want to do at the end of the day is punch something really hard (hell, if we could knock out the year 2020 we would). Enter: Drop Boxing. This Toronto studio is offering an online, on-demand membership, which gives you access to HIIT workouts that incorporate boxing combos that’ll leave your arms on fire. 

Where to watch:

Price: $29.99/month (7-day free trial)

Duration: Between 30 and 50 minutes

Equipment needed: A set of weights for the strength workouts