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Here’s Why Treadmill Running Should Be Your Go-To This Winter

Ahead of the Peloton Tread launch in Canada, we spoke to one of their instructors about the benefits of treadmill running.

With gyms closed across most of Canada and temperatures dipping as we head into winter, at-home workouts are pretty much our only shot at breaking a sweat. Here to help with people’s indoor fitness routines is Peloton Tread, the fitness company’s new treadmill, which is launching in Canada in a few months on February 9.

The treadmill features a 23.8” HD touchscreen with integrated speakers and is designed to fit comfortably in most homes, thanks to a sleek design and dimensions that are smaller than most couches. Like the Peloton Bike and App, the Tread offers access to live and on-demand classes to help motivate and elevate your workouts.

While outdoor running provides many benefits, such as fresh air and a varied route, according to experts treadmill running offers the same cardio benefits for heart health. However, there are certain things to keep in mind. In order to burn as many calories on the treadmill as one would outdoors, the treadmill should be set at a 1 percent incline, according to research published in the Journal of Sports Sciences.

“Oftentimes, people forget to add resistance (incline) to their treadmill,” Becs Gentry, a Peloton Tread Instructor, tells FASHION. “This is essential to mimic the air resistance we experience running outside and without it, it can lead people to think that running inside is “easier.” Running outside of your capability is also easier to do on the treadmill as the inclination to run fast is right in front of you and the moving belt seems to assist in the ability to do so. Running faster than you are truly capable of for extended periods of time, 20 seconds or more, is in fact dangerous and can exacerbate lower back and hamstring injuries. You should never allow the treadmill belt to “pull” your legs underneath you as you run, and instead, you should always be in control of your running form.”

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For beginners who might be new to running, or specifically to running on a treadmill, Gentry offers a few tips:

“Be humble and remember that with patience comes progress. You have to repeat workouts a few times a week, over a 3-4 week period to start to see or feel changes in yourself. Peloton’s Walk + Run content is a fabulous class format to segue into running for longer durations than you may have done before and they are a great reminder of efficient running form throughout.”

One common criticism of running on a treadmill vs outdoors is the pressure it can put on the knees. To avoid any injuries, says Gentry, “it’s important to run with correct form and within your limits, take time to rest and recover, and include strength training and stretching into your routine. All of these combined show that running can actually strengthen bones, including the knees. Also, ensuring you are wearing trainers which have been designed for running in is a big element people forget to address.”

Gentry recommends supplementing treadmill running with strength and core exercises, and insists that runners spend a few minutes warming up and cooling down before and after workouts. “Revving your engine up before your workout and getting it to come back to its happy place after will benefit longevity of training.”

For more details about the Peloton Tread, click here.

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