12 Handmade Etsy Items to Gift Your Favourite Friends

Unique homemade gifts are the holy grail of holiday giving — but there’s a reason you’re more likely to receive a Starbucks gift card. DIYing can be dangerous territory for those without a crafting-thumb, and scouring Christmas markets, local boutiques and craft shows for the perfect present can be time consuming. Etsy connects you with creators, so that you can shop for handmade, vintage and one-of-a-kind products from the comfort of your couch. There’s a lot to browse through, so we pulled inspiration from Etsy’s Holiday Trend Guide to narrow down our top picks. You can bundle up a couple of items in a basket, or have a personalized gift delivered wrapped and ready to someone’s door. Keep scrolling to find a present that will surely make that special friend smile — especially because it’s coming from you.



Touch of Luxe

For the fancy friend who always seems to be clinking a champagne glass. Think faux fur, vintage golds, plush velvet and overpriced afternoon tea in a mid 20th century luxury hotel.


Wine and Pine 

For the zen friend who names self care as her #1 hobby. Think beeswax candles, rich berry tones, mulled wine and ditching your plans to stay in and read a book next to the Christmas tree.


Holiday at the Disco

For the ultra-positive friend who oozes energy and loves rainbows. Think tinsel, tassels, glitter, metallics and eating a Milk Bar Bakery confetti cake in the ball pit room at The Happy Place.


Cabin Fever 

For the down-to-earth friend who wears onesies and Instagrams from a canoe in Lake Louise. Think chunky knits, hot cocoa with extra marshmallows, embroidery and curling up next to the fire in a snow-covered log cabin.