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Photograph courtesy of Acabada

Acabada Unveils the World’s First CBD-Infused Activewear Range

Welcome to The High Life!

If you’re looking to give your workouts a little boost (or simply trial the latest in CBD innovation), Acabada’s new range of CBD-infused activewear is for you.

Billed as the world’s first and only CBD-infused activewear brand, Acabada has launched a 12-piece collection, called ProActiveWear, that includes leggings, a jumpsuit, sports bras, bike shorts and more. The pieces are made “using high-performance fabrics that are strategically infused with up to 25 grams of zero-THC, lab-certified, 99.9% pure CBD,” according to the brand. The fabric is infused with CBD via a process called micro-encapsulation where tiny droplets of CBD are coated in protective polymer to create microcapsules which are then “embedded into the multilayers of the fibres…through a patented textile finishing treatment,” explains the brand. These microcapsules are strategically placed to target specific muscle groups to help reduce pain and inflammation.

As for how the CBD is released? Once you begin exercising and your skin creates fiction against the garment, the microcapsules open, dispensing the CBD to be absorbed transdermally. Once this happens, the brand says “it interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) which helps support an overall sense of well-being.” Essentially, the products help your body to actively recover whilst you’re working out.

The pieces, whose designs are inspired by the streets of New York, are engineered to last through 40 high-intensity, wash-and-wear cycles. According to the official press release, once customers are nearing the end of the product’s life cycle “they can choose to recycle their CBD-infused garments through Acabada’s upcycling program where the recycled, synthetic fabrics will be repurposed where needed as commercial materials.” Plus, you’ll get a 30% discount on your next purchase as a thank you for being sustainable.

The High Life collection is available to purchase now, with prices ranging from $160 to $33.

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