Photography by Istock

Some of the Best Fruit Beers in Canada

I started thinking about a fruit beer post in May, at the start of the summer and now…somehow it’s already August. Heartbreaking on one hand, but also the perfect time to stop and reflect on the sunny weeks we’ve had so far. In recent years, craft and micro breweries have elevated fruit beer into a thriving drink category with more and more offerings. IMHO fruit beers were created for summer, so make sure to enjoy a few in the upcoming weeks. Sadly I’m not spending this long weekend in the great outdoors, but there will be fresh peaches and wild blueberries on the table to help me imagine what this year’s batch of fruit will yield for the next. And if there is a fruit beer, you love, that is missing from our list, please let us know. Better yet, send samples….

Forever yours, in drink.