Photography by D. Picard. Styling by Eliza Grossman. Creative direction by Brittany Eccles. Hair and makeup, Greg Wencel for Fashion assistant, Nelly Akbari for Photography assistants, Darryl Block and Jordan Gibo. Model, Yuka Mannami for The Society Management. Special thanks to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.

Yuka Mannami Shows the Fashionable Side of Las Vegas in Our Fall 2018 Photoshoot

When the FASHION team travelled to Las Vegas, they weren’t interested in hanging with high rollers, playing roulette or sipping caipirinhas. Instead, they headed to The Strip at 2 a.m. to shoot our model, Yuka Mannami. The heat from the 45ºC day still hung heavy in the air, but the misty breeze from the Bellagio’s famous fountain kept everyone chill.

The other highlight? Being able to pick the music that played while they photographed Yuka in front of the dancing waters. Their request? “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds.” Obvs. Earlier in the day, when they were shooting at the Las Vegas Springs Preserve conservation area, Yuka bought a T-shirt that our fashion editor, Eliza Grossman, was so taken with, she had Yuka wear it for one shot. Talk about a hi-lo fashion mo.

See below for all the shots from the photoshoot or click here for even more behind the scenes footage and to see what happens on set.

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