Photography via Imaxtree

15 Wrap Dresses to Replace Your Jean-Shorts-and-a-Tank-Top Summer Uniform

This summer, there's no need to default to basic.

Every summer, I struggle to put together cute outfits that also allow me to stay ventilated in the sticky summer heat. The easiest way, it seems, the basic “denim shorts and tank top” uniform. I default to this combination based on the flawed notion that the less you wear, the less you will sweat, but what if I told you about a substitute style that is comfortable, actually keeps you cool in the scorching heat, and is an upgrade to your summer wardrobe? Enter: the wrap dress.

Wrap dresses are a solid summer staple because they are light, airy and breezy, meaning they won’t uncomfortably stick to your body in the heat. Not to mention they’re a classic, timeless piece that you can wear to any occasion, formal or not, and keep in your closet to make use of in summers to come.

We’ve gathered a roundup of some of our favourite wrap dress styles to consider below.