Winnipeg: Vintage clothes in all their glory

After 30 years of collecting vintage clothing from all across Canada and storing it in what little space they had, Doug Shand and wife Lana decided they needed to open a store.

“The clothes were starting to take over our bedroom,” exclaimed Doug while explaining that their whole home had become overrun with fine vintage finds.

That shop, formerly Vintage Lower Level, recently moved down Albert Street to a bigger, brighter space, redubbed Vintage Glory (88 Albert St., 204-946-5212). Like their former location, it’s packed full of some of the best finds I have ever seen. From sequined dresses to bright jackets and one-of-a-kind boots, the place made my heart race out of pure excitement.

The couple started collecting simply because vintage was what they loved, and nothing makes them happier than passing it down to other fellow enthusiasts. While I’m very grateful for their generosity, I can’t understand how they can part with such pieces but Doug insists that it’s easy when you see the smile on the customers face, “Winnipeg has always been a vintage town,” he say’s with a giant grin.

All I really have left to say is: thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Shand for your years of treasure hunting, you’ve made Winnipeg’s shopping scene a little bit brighter.   

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