Winnipeg: Kiss & tell all

“You know when you were a kid and you wouldn’t think twice about saying something, or creating something, without hesitation? Well I guess my inspiration was to re-connect with the eternal child within and just get back to the heart and create!”

Sula Johnson, a second year creative communications student at Red River College is talking about the inspiration behind her zine, Kiss & Tell. “I wanted to create a space for people to just ‘put it all out there’ and express themselves,” she explains. “Each zine has a common area where people share fantasies, wishes, fears or desires as these are the emotions we all feel as humans.”

With five issues under her belt, Johnson decided to celebrate her creation this past February, pairing up with Winnipeg party experts A Fine Mess and Lovelife Productions to orchestrate Triple Threat, an amazing night of performances complete with acrobatics, magic, dancing, acting, music and spoken word.

“I thought a vaudeville style show would be the equivalent of a live zine,” she says of the party. “I really wanted to create a certain esthetic, with velvet curtains and a burlesque, dirty ’30s vibe.”

To get your hands on a copy of Kiss & Tell, or want to find out more, drop Johnson a line at [email protected]