We spot Western Canada Fashion Week’s ones to watch

Left: Beverly Gan shot by by Winston Wan. Right: Malorie Urbanovitch shot by Ian MacDonald/Aragondina Photography
Left: Beverly Gan. Right: Malorie Urbanovitch. Photography by Winston Wan and Ian MacDonald/Aragondina Photography.

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Western Canada Fashion Week may be in its seventh season, but we don’t got no seven-year itch. Things in Edmonton are looking bright with two- and three-tone colour blocking, and flavours sweet, sexy, and sultry recalling the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s. Here’s a hotlist of six standout WCFW designers—the ones to watch, the clothing we seek.

Malorie Urbanovitch
Spaghetti straps adorn silks in colours you thought should never be in the same room. Bright, carrot orange on pale copper and moonstone blue make for an all-at-once fresh and retro brew. We’re coveting the smoking jacket, bright lips to match, and lightweight, relaxed fit in high-waist pants and shorts.

SUKA Clothing by Alisha Schick
A local design vet and household name, SUKA alluded to the ’70s with two-tone turbans, overlapping floral skirts, signature SUKA cutouts, and black staples. Sweet-with-an-edge and easily incorporated into your spring or fall wardrobe (can we get a dose of that hair, too?).

Beverly Gan
Large and loud geometrical shapes played delicate as appliqués on this London-based (but purely Edmontonian) designer’s collection, but chic and sleek found a place in white pleated shorts and classy, Audrey-like necklines. This is how you do structured femininity.

Genette Salgado
Salgado invites you to come play, too, in an English garden with more lovely appliqués (a Salgado fetish) on florals and sweetheart necklines. The vibrant blue accents added an unexpected twist.

Serendipity by Kelsey McIntyre
Serendipity had girls giggling with its blatant vintage influences and whimsical, peek-a-boo lace slips. Sugary sweet, this is the dress made for a spring picnic. It’s no wonder McIntyre has the bragging rights to a popular custom bridal business.

LUXX by Derek Jagodzinsky
Man oh man, this LUXX line is ladylike like Mad Men. With sexy sophistication in precisely three colours—bold red, saffron yellow, and charcoal grey—this collection is for a woman who lives to turn heads.

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