Warm Jackets: 21 picks that are as weatherproof as they are stylish

warm jackets club monaco fur
warm jackets club monaco fur
Club Monaco 2014

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If our fall trend guide taught you anything, it’s that outerwear was in full effect on the Fall 2014 runways. This is good news as us Canadians tend to feel the harsher side of winter (remember last year’s Polar Vortex?) and no one wants to sacrifice their style in the name of warmth. So let us thank the fashion industry (wait, is that us?), as this year’s warm jacket selection finally doesn’t have us accepting perpetual frostbite all in the name of fashion.

Gone are the days of the plain black puffer, as designers such as Sacai have interwoven cozy knits into their coats, as well as Marni, who embellished its puffer jacket with leather sleeves and a fur collar. Also fitting into the athleisure trend this season is the sporty-style puffer that DKNY for Opening Ceremony had us gawking over with a high-shine, ultra ’90s, metallic number.

Other favourite warm jacket trends that have us running to the store (or to our computers), include the faux (or real depending on your budget) fur complex, featuring camo prints and bold colours, as well as Sherpa, most recently seen popping up on every fashion it-girl in the form of a Rag & Bone leather jacket variation. We also can’t get forget our favourite wool coats, which can now be pulled off in negative temperatures with Thinsulate—a thin thermal insulation for outerwear—that companies like J.Crew and Madewell have been featuring as of late.

With all these stylish (and some on sale!) options, you’ll have a hard time just picking one.