Vancouver: Written in stone

Wade Papin and Danielle Wilmore have been creating jewellery under the name Pyrrha ( for over a decade. Their top floor studio in downtown Vancouver produces stunning jewellery that has been highly acclaimed across Canada, the US and Japan.

Over the last few years, Papin and Wilmore have shifted their focus away from stones and gems, and moved instead towards the traditional practice of casting wax seals. Using authentic 19th century seals, they create beautiful pendants by stamping sterling silver, bronze and 14k gold with meaningful symbols, such as the fleur de lys for purity, or a bee for wisdom.

Recently, the pair introduced engraveable monogram pendants, which can hold seven letters or three initials’a personal touch for those wishing to offer their loved ones tokens of courage or strength or integrity, through the symbolism of a lion, wolf or eagle, to name a few examples. The pendants start at $143 ($187 engraved).

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