Vancouver: Some (subtly) patriotic souveniers to bring home from Olympics

I’ve been picking up patriotic souvenirs all over the place, but I’ve started thinking that it might be a better strategy going forward (now that the Games are almost over…I’m shedding a tear here) to focus on items that I’ll still want to wear after March (and yes, before the 2012 Olympics in London). Here, the first of my Canadian-but-not-too-Canadian souvenirs that I’m betting will survive longer than my red mittens:

Lemon Park, a local jewellery line designed by sisters Tania and Penny Gleave, has released two limited edition necklaces (above, $75 each, to commemorate Canada’s wildlife in a wearable way. The two configurations include either a miniature polar bear hand carved from deer antler, or a rack of sterling silver deer antlers. There’s also, of course, a red coral bead and a faceted quartz bead meant to evoke the shimmering glass towers, sparkling ocean, and snowy mountaintops of Vancouver. Get yours quick, though: only 150 were created, and 10 per cent of proceeds go to the Atira Women’s Resource Society, which supports programs such as Bridge Housing for Women and the Aboriginal Women’s Outreach Project Program.

I love my “True North Strong and Free” tee from the Bay, but this fuchsia style from BeautyMark ($29, at is a wee bit more subtle. Designed by local artist Randy Laybourne, the tee features everything we’ve come to associate with Vancouver—trees, mountains, storefronts, totem poles, a few tall buildings—but without any obvious Canadiana. I love the big W at the very front, representing the Woodward’s building, but bet that everyone who picks one up one of these shirts will find something else that reminds me of this city every time they look it.

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