Vancouver: Sephora is coming to town (finally).

See? They're coming and we've got the proof.

See? They're coming and we've got the proof.

Although the hoarding has only recently been erected, I’m sure word has already spread well across Vancouver that Sephora is finally coming to town. Many people will agree that it’s about time.

Of course, Pacific Centre was an obvious choice for a location, which is schedule to open this summer. But, on a recent visit to Coquitlam Centre, I was shocked to discover that the mall would also play host to the beloved retail giant—that opening is slated for summer, too. (A rumoured Metropolis at Metrotown location shouldn’t be too far on the horizon either.)

Ages ago, Sephora sent me a Smokey Eye Brush Set (shown, $50, which, for obvious reasons, I never got around to trying. Instead, I gave it to my girlfriend, who thankfully has put it to better use than I ever would. She’s been a long fan of Sephora’s brushes, and I’m happy that the store openings will mean we won’t have to drive all the way to Seattle  for those precious little bristles. The company also has the Smokey Eyes Palettes ($45), which I’m sure will be among her first purchases at one of the new stores. 

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