Vancouver: Richmond’s treasure trove, part two

Two weeks ago, I left you in Richmond, amongst its best-kept secret, the Golden Village shopping district. If you ventured down to explore Yaohan and Aberdeen Centres yourself, then I am sure you’ve found in them enough shopping to fill your day. But you had better book yet another trip, because Parker Place mall (4380 No.3 Road, Richmond, 604-273-0276, certainly warrants a visit.

Parker Place may not be the most glamorous shopping mall I’ve been to, but it is probably one of the best. The excitement, of course, lies in losing yourself to its winding narrow hallways. I’m still not sure to this day if I’ve seen all that Parker Place has to offer, but I will attest that with each visit, I discover yet another great new shop: Mini Closet (604-273-2616), C.Y.K.C. (604-278-6803), Dressy Rose (604-276-8280), As Know As (604-276-0999) and The Lu Shop (604-231-9286) among them.

If rummaging through your grandmother’s closet has taught you anything, bring these skills with you to Parker Place. The shops are no bigger than a closet and are often packed to the brim with affordable imported fashions. While the shops listed above may tempt you with their attractive interior design, your best find of the day will probably come from the most unsuspecting retailer. Don’t let appearances be deceiving: a store that seems appropriate only for school-aged girls may be hiding that billowing blouse you’ve been searching for.
But no matter which shop you step into, ruffles, ribbon and lace will be in abundance. Ultimately, Parker Place will have you ooh-ing and ahh-ing over fine feminine embellishments all day.

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