Vancouver: Local threads at recession prices

Courtesy of Adhesif Clothing
Courtesy of Adhesif Clothing

Frugalistas everywhere will agree that $50 is the perfect number. Whether it’s a pair of shoes, jeans, a jacket, a sweater, a dress, if you can get it for $50, you know you are paying a very reasonable price. Any more you’ll probably think twice about it, but $50—now that is a nice round number. That can easily be justified.

Buying locally designed clothes from boutiques is something we all probably wish we could do more of, but in reality small labels can often only produce small quantities and boutiques pay high rents—both of which drive up prices.

So what if you could get the best of both worlds—locally designed and boutique items for under $50? Melissa Ferreira, known for her label Adhesif Clothing (, believes you can have your cake and eat it to. She has gathered some of her best buds in the industry and is putting together a shopping event that offers exactly that – fabulous fashions for less than that magic number.

Adhesif, along with Erin Templeton, Devil May Wear, Chulo Pony, Kulus Designs, Allison Wonderland, Julie Hebb and Carny Love are getting together for the Nifty for Fifty Sale at the Art & Soul Gallery (Pacific Palisades Hotel, 1277 Robson St.) on April 18 and 19 (12 to 7 p.m.) to show and sell some of their best creations, as well as some vintage items and one-of-a-kind gems from their personal collections.

“I’m so excited to be putting this sale on for the second year in a row,” says Ferreira. “It’s just such a great chance to offer local designs to people who may not have the pocketbook to purchase them regularly.” Or to those who just can’t resist a good deal.

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