Vancouver: Get crafty at Heritage Hall

There are some clothing items we’ve purchased that are well-worn, well-loved and that cause a bit of heartbreak when we realize it’s time to let them go. But the truth is, those few precious pieces make up only a fraction of what’s in our closets.

There are many reasons why things end up untouched or barely touched, but we’ve all been there. We’ve all had those items that we saw on the rack, thought were maybe a bit daring, but decided, “Nah, I’m sure the I’ll have the opportunity to wear it. I just know I can pull it off.” It’s time to admit, that, sadly, the opportunity never came. Or how about those items you tried on at the store and optimistically thought, “I’ll fit into this one day….” As a slim guy, I often justify this to myself: “I’ll have it altered!” But I rarely get around to it and I’ve long abandoned my dream of learning to sew. (If I’m too lazy to drop it off somewhere, when I am ever going to get around to doing it myself!?) Oh, but the worst of all, though, are the gifts we don’t like, but keep for years with a sense of obligation looming over our heads. 

Behind the piles of clothes, there are a few skeletons in all of our closets and in my opinion, it’s time for a little spring cleaning. On April 19th, you can bring your old (and sometimes new) clothes down to the Swap-O-Rama-Rama at Heritage Hall ($6 and a bag of clothes, 3102 Main St., 604-879-4816,

Swap-O-Rama-Rama is more than just a clothing swap–it’s a crafty little joint project presented by Got Craft? and the Vancouver Craft Mafia. Sure, all you thrifters can pick and choose from the piles and then be on your merry way, but that is only half the fun. There will also be workshops in silk-screening, button-making and needle-felting, along with sewing stations for on-the-spot DIY alterations. But if you are anything like me—inept—don’t fear. You can ask for help from any of the sewing leaders who will be on hand to provide lessons and advice.

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