Sarah Runnalls Collection. Photography by Tristen Williams

3 Emerging Designers We Discovered at Vancouver Fashion Week

Vancouver Fashion Week takes place this week in billowing white tents outside the Vancouver Art Gallery, and FASHION was on the scene earlier in the week to size up the burgeoning talent that Canada’s most athletic, outdoorsy city has to offer. We were not disappointed. These three up-and-coming designers prove there’s plenty more to Vancouver fashion than just yoga pants and fleece vests.


Japanese designer Sebastian Masuda has already designed for the likes of J-pop star Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, and his colourful and kawaii designs will be sure to find fans in Japanophiles across the globe. His rave-inspired Vancouver Fashion Week collection featured totally bonkers bodysuit that looked like it was covered in Troll dolls — tiny tufts of fun fur and trinket-like toys completely carpeted the surface. The collection was suffused with a frantic, perennially young spirit.

Sarah Runnalls might just be the next Martin Margiela. Her Vancouver Fashion Week collection proved her a master of deconstruction, artfully transforming oversized oxfords into classy cocktail dresses and cheekily sewing bikini tops onto dresses. Of particular interest were the puffy polka dot garments, almost quilt-like in nature, which created structured yet cozy silhouettes.

From the moment the opening model popped open her jacket and threw the audience a saucy nod, KSLAM‘s runway show was ridiculously entertaining and heavy on the good vibes. Designer Casey Lamb, who hails from Abbotsford, BC, channelled an acid disco Grace Jones as muse, and presented a collection that was equal parts 80s-infused and avant-garde. Amidst the vibrant suiting, seat belts provided an unexpected yet fun decoration.