Update: Jenna Talackova is back in the Miss Universe Canada competition

It looks like good things come to those who wait (or fight for their right), as it was confirmed yesterday morning that Miss Universe Canada has had a change of heart regarding its removal of transgender finalist Jenna Talackova from the competition.

The pageant announced Monday that Talackova can now compete if she meets Canadian “legal gender recognition requirements” and the standards of international competitions. What are the requirements? Well, this is where the rules get hazy; the gender recognition requirements vary by province in Canada and may involve obtaining medical certificates from doctors, whereas Miss U.S. International competition applicants must be “naturally born genetic female.” The statement released by the Miss Universe organization does not go into detail on what the requirements entail.

If Talackova continues on to the international level there is still a chance she may not be able to compete due to the different regulations. We wonder if Miss Universe Canada will support Talackova beyond the border.

The 61st annual Miss Universe Canada pageant will be held next month in Toronto.

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