white sneakers
Photo by Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images

20 Pairs of White Sneakers You Can Style With Everything

Your feet will thank us.

The best basics can help build a fashionable foundation for easy-to-put-together looks. So, why not start from the ground up with the perfect pair of white sneakers you can style with absolutely anything? When comfort and style need to go hand-in-hand, a crisp pair of sneakers are the perfect solution. Whether you opt for a chunky flat sole style or futuristic curves, look for something that makes your feet feel great and the rest will follow. Unexpected combinations like flirty dresses with grounded sneakers work just as well as sneakers and sweats – treat these shoes as a blank canvas and let the rest of your look make a statement.

In honour of National Sneaker Day we’ve rounded up 20 pairs of white sneakers for you to style seven days a week.

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