Toronto: Sunday at the market

There is nothing like a lazy day at the market. Be it for flowers or meat, as long as I have a fresh cappuccino in hand, I have the best time simply browsing for hours. Among my favorites is a name often overlooked by locals, the Sunday Antique Market (North Market, St. Lawrence Market Complex, 92 Front St. E., 416-392-7120).

There you will discover antique suitcases overflowing with colorful scarves, vintage purses snuggled tightly inside Victorian birdcages and what looks like scattered candies from afar are beds of jewels.

Unlike ordinary vintage shopping, you will also find a mix of eclectic items–from cameras and books to typewriters, toys and furniture. The quality and selection can often be a hit and miss, but there’s never a dull moment–treasure hunting is half shopping’s charm. My favorite purchase to date is a pair of rosy, pearl earrings I bought for one dollar. The earrings were a precious find that required a little cleaning. Here’s a tip: for metallics to sparkle like new, brush gently with regular toothpaste. For some tasty style inspirations, be sure to browse through the collections of old fashion magazines, some of which date back to the ’40s.

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