Toronto: Nahui Ollin’s sweet little wrap-up

Nahui Ollin ER satchel, $260

I recently spied the sweetest gift (with no sugar): Nahui Ollin ( purses and clutches. Resembling more pixilated versions of the woven Bottega Veneta Cabat, the large selection of styles, colors and patterns are hand-woven from misprinted and overrun candy wrappers.

The flamboyant D.I.Y. aura of the purses is offset with chic handles or metallic buckles for a polished finish. I especially love how the glossy sheen from the wrappers give the clutches a look of licorice patent leather.

Nahui Ollin camera wristlet, $50

Each purchase of these recycled-with-style pieces will also help to support marginalized, indigenous Mayan communities in Mexico. Through their positive social impact, the brand has been enormously popular with museums and celebrities all over the world. Now, remember those sets of necklaces you knitted out of Starburst wrappers in geography class back in the day? They should complement these Nahui Ollin purses very nicely, don’t you think?