2 New Toronto Lingerie Stores That Are Worth Getting Your Knickers in a Knot About

I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I recently discovered the underwear I wore to prom tucked away in the back of my top drawer. A long lost vestige from my teens, I’m not entirely sure why I’ve held on to them so long, I can’t remember the last time I slipped them on, and yet, there they remain. If that’s not a sign that my underwear drawer is due for a major overhaul, I don’t know what is.

I know I’m not alone in this either. We’ve had lots of discussions between cubicles about the state of our underthings. How often we really change our bras and the last time we splurged on a new set. With September settling in (fashion’s official new year), I’m vowing to clear out the old and usher in the new.  In that spirit, here are 2 new Toronto spots that I’ll be checking out this month.

Reve Rouge

Reve Rouge is the brainchild of underwear expert Liliana Mann, who also happens to owns 5 locations of lingerie shop Linea Intima. The new Bayview Village boutique is geared towards a younger customer who wants to touch and feel the product (rather than have an associate bring things from the back). Youthful details like custom-printed wallpaper, a neon sign and crystal chandeliers in the change room play off the colourful lines she carries. At the opening party, we spied sexy lace kimonos from Gold Hawk, sequined bras by Chan Luu, minimal sets from Toronto-native Mary Young and bondage-looking bodysuits by Bluebella. Fluffy white chairs practically beg you to sit, relax and enjoy the bra shopping experience.

Stole My Heart

Stole My Heart

Every piece carried at Stole My Heart was designed by a woman, for a woman. This was especially important to longtime friends and co-owners Amy Pearson and Ashley Holden who want you to feel like your best self when bra shopping.  Exclusive lines like Hopeless Lingerie and Le Petit Trou hang alongside labels like Mimi Holiday, Third Love and Fleur of England. Looking for swimsuits, maternity wear or pjs? They’ve got that too. Plus we can’t help but love the fact they they sourced all of the shop’s furniture from friends’ parents and grandparents.

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